Best Italian restaurants in Sacramento

Best Italian restaurants in Sacramento

Following the closure of Biba’s Restaurant in Sacramento, there’s been a void in the Italian restaurant scene given Biba’s celebrity and long-standing success.

But the Sacramento region is home to Italian food experiences that are worthy of your attention and are sure to earn plenty of positive reviews. If you love Italian food and want something a little extra special and outside the box of ordinary takes on pasta and other staples, be sure to put the following restaurants on your I-want-to-try list.

Il Fornaio Sacramento

At first appearance, you’ll be struck by the elegance of Il Fornaio. When you sit down for a meal, you will experience the elegance of flavor that’s only possible through authentic Italian cooking.

Il Fornaio’s mission is to deliver on the most authentic experience that can only be matched by having a meal in Italy. It accomplishes this by using fresh ingredients and traditional cooking techniques. They can also help you pair your meal with a complementary glass of wine that enhances the meal’s flavors and aromas.

Some of the house-made pastas include the Paccheri alla vodka, made with pasta tubes with bacon, vodka-cream-tomato sauce and grana Padano. The lasagna ferrarese is the Ferrari of lasagna dishes and is put together with pasta sheets proportionally layered with meat ragu, porcini mushrooms, grana Padano and bechamel that’s perfectly baked.

From the grill, try the salmon dish, called the salmone alla griglia, which is made with grilled Norwegian salmon with lemon and extra virgin olive oil. It’s served with sauteed seasonal vegetables and roasted Yukon gold potatoes. The grilled and rotisserie meals also feature filetto di bue (beef tenderloin grilled rare), polloa tascano, brasato al vino rosso (short ribs braised with root vegetables) and petto di pollo al pepperoncino, which is a grilled free-range chicken that’s marinated with herbs, trebbiano wine, Dijon mustard and lemon then is topped with spicy pepperoncino sauce.

Antipasta, soups, salads and pizza are also part of the impressive menu.

Adamo’s Restaurant

Smaller and unassuming, Adamo’s Restaurant is anything but small on Italian flavors.

The chef is a Sacramento native and makes foods that never compromise on quality. Adamo’s sources fresh ingredients and make all pastas in house.

The carbonara spaghetti is cooked just right and is mixed with applewood smoked bacon, garlic, egg and grana Padano. The four-cheese ravioli is a little unexpected with its kick and spice. The Calabrian chili matches perfect with the garlic oil, basil pesto and pine nuts. You can also order the dish with marinara. Other pastas include the salmon picatta, Bolognese, chicken alfredo and spring gnocchi.

The meatballs and polenta are made with pork and Niman Ranch beef and come with basil garlic bread. Risotto, grilled sturgeon and beef ribs are also on the menu.


Allora prefers to adhere to a modern approach to create meals that are part of the Italian heritage. Ingredients are always local, and the wine selection is always extensive and complementary of any dish.

The chef has a passion for travel and Italian culture, which is evident in the thoughtfully designed menu that reflects the value of local bounty and the spirit of Italy.

The menu is constantly updated but always celebrates old world recipes and local produce.

The fettuccine comes with lobster, prawns, pancetta and is made with preserved lemon and tomato parma rosa. Other pasta risotto dishes on the menu are the tajarin (duck egg pasta), ravioli doppi with short rib, pappardelle with lamb and parmesan-centric risotto. Pork cheeks, monkfish, lamb and sea scallops are some of the main entrée selections.

La Trattoria Bohemia

La Trattoria Bohemia focuses on both Italian and Czech cuisine within a quaint and cozy atmosphere in Midtown Sacramento.

The casual yet sophisticated setting is matched by the high-quality ingredients of every dish and excellent customer service.

Customers love the offerings of classics, from spaghetti, lasagna, meat ravioli and fettuccini alfredo. They are also delighted that they can order these classics oven baked in casserole dishes.

Pizzas are available in various sizes and include vegetarian, margherita, chicken, combination, spinach, smoked salmon, prosciutto, chicken paprikash or customized.

There are so many great places to eat in Sacramento. If you are interested in purchasing Sacramento real estate, contact us today!

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